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¿Contrató Disney® a un “ladrón de gallinas”?

La siguiente es una copia del mensaje de correo electrónico que envié a Disney® acerca del curioso parecido entre su personaje Heihei de la película Moana y mi gallina Crackatovia.  Aún no obtuve respuesta.

Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2017 02:38:29 +0200
From: Walter Alejandro Iglesias <waiImagenroquesor.com>
To: TWDC.General.Permissions@disney.com
Cc: tips@disneyantipiracy.com
Subject: About a character from "Moana" film
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Today I saw the film Moana (2016) and I had a little surprise.

Please, take a look to the chicken "Crackatovia" from my comic Gooevo:



The only difference between my chicken and Moana's "Heihei" are the
colors!  It's almost identical not just in appearance but in

For your information I created that chicken almost a decade ago.  I know
these kind of coincidences happen, but in this case I'm pretty sure some
of your cartoonist was in lack of inspiration and took the shortcut.


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